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  • What is new in Advanced PC Tweaker™ 4.2.0

    Advanced PC Tweaker Latest Features   1-Click Tweak package finally comes in handy and the newly updated Evidence Cleaner can work effectively to clean up your privacy trackings.

    The 1-click tweak is a maintenance package that can give our users a quick overview on the system performance, such as correct the major registry problems and free up disk space; the latest built-in Evidence Cleaner shows a better strength on removing all traces of your Internet activity and protect sensitive information while improving your computer's performance.

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  • Advanced PC Tweaker™ Features

    Advanced PC Tweaker Supports all Windows-based Operating Systems   Support all Windows-based Operating Systems

    Advanced PC Tweaker is fully compatible with all the major Windows-based systems, including the latest Windows Vista, Windows XP/ 2003/ 2000 and even Windows 98 and ME.

  • Advanced PC Tweaker Effectively Solve Problems   Advanced PC Tweaker Effectively Solves Problems

    Fix PC Errors: Advanced PC Tweaker will repair your registry problems with only several clicks as you can make choice on the listed items detected by the engine which will automatically repair all the specified problems. In addition to the selection and deselection operations, you can exclude any items to Ignore List where Advanced PC Tweaker will reference and ignore the excluded entries at the next-time scanning; Errors Utility scans and fixes the commonly-known Windows problems, protecting your Windows system from crashing, freezing and blue screen problem; Advanced PC Tweaker includes BHO (Internet Browser Helper Objects) manager and IE Restore utilities to ensure a better and healthier internet experience by blocking malicious plugins and restore Internet Explorer to sound performing states; Safeguard your computer and solve curious problems by Blocking/Re-Registering ActiveX objects or controls.

  • Hardcore Registry Cleanning and Fixing   Top-Notch Hardcore Registry Cleaning and Fixing

    Advanced PC Tweaker offers several useful functions to prevent your computer from slowing down. Registry Repair contains a total of 17 dedicated categories for your registry scanning and detecting. By choosing the category you want, the smart scanning engine will find out and list the detected problems that make your PC's performance unstable or insufficient and repair the problems, thus to boost PC performance.

  • Advanced PC Tweaker can Free Up Disk Space   Free Up Disk Space with Junk File Cleaner and Duplicate Cleaner

    Even the largest hard disk will be filled up with data someday. Advanced PC Tweaker helps you scan and clean up the junk files or duplicate files from your system to provide more space on your hard drives and allow applications to run faster and more efficiently.

  • Advanced PC Tweaker Manages Registry and System Setting Backups   Manage Registry and System Setting Backups

    Advanced PC Tweaker introduces powerful registry backup and recovery management utilities, including repair backup and full backup, backup restoring capability, restoring or deleting your backups, and the new feature Restore Point, which will give you more leverage on ensuring the safety of your system during registry repairing. To further protect your data, when you run Advanced PC Tweaker at the first time, it is required to have a full backup on your registry files before any registry problems will be fixed, which you can always use to recover the registry to a previous state

  • Advanced PC Tweaker Optimizes System Performance with System Optimizer and Memory Tweaker   Optimize System Performance with System Optimizer and Memory Tweaker

    Advanced PC Tweaker empowers the user to customize their system settings through various optimization models and effectively tweak the memory of the PC system. System Optimizer utility can automatically optimize the model of your selection to the optimal speed by disabling some unnecessary applications or services under certain environment; Tweak Memory tweaks the memory of your PC system, recovers the memory and makes your PC run faster without causing instability of your system.

  • Advanced Toolkits: Evidence Cleaner, Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager, File Shredder   Advanced Toolkits: Evidence Cleaner, Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager, File Shredder

    Advanced PC Tweaker provides more flexibility for you to maximumize PC productivity and brings you more joyful moments by facilitating a great set of advanced toolkits, such as Privacy Cleaner to completely remove all traces of your Internet activity and protect sensitive information while improving your computer's performance, Startup Manager to administer which applications are launched at the system startup, Uninstall Manager to manage and completely remove the programs and leftover files installed on your system without going through the Control Panel and File Shredder to permanently remove the specific files from your drives.

  • Service is also a Great Feature   Service is also a Great Feature

    Though Advanced PC Tweaker is facilitated with a lot of functions you have ever seen, it is not the ultimate tool to tackle all the problems since the PC system is so comprehensive that a single problem could be caused by a lot of factors. Advanced PC Tweaker will be the better solution for system maintenance and diagnosis than any other software vendors in the industry by providing both the powerful toolkits and on-demand services. That is, when you are using Advanced PC Tweaker, you are not only having the handy toolkits but also the great services by our professionals.

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