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Founded in 2000, we have always been dedicated to the research, production and development of personal desktop software, OEM for military purposes and integrated solutions for industrial fields. We currently provide PC utilities, data recovery, computer security and OEM solutions for consumer products, military and industrial uses. We also provide expert and experienced consulting servies to clients throughout the US, Cannada, European and the new emerging markets in Southeast Asia. Our goal is to provide the state-of-art products, solutions and highest level of service and training to individuals, businesses, non-profits and government organizations so they can enjoy a better computer experience, increase productivity and protect sensitive information. We have now moved our research and services center to India and China to leverage the unique opportunity in these two new emerging markets with more than 130+ professional programmers and other sales staff.

If you're interested in talking to us about any of our products & services, please email us: If you're seeking products and services we don't provide (or need recommendations on other software vendors providing the same products or services), you can email our general sales manager:

Advanced PC Tweaker™ , one of our numerous excellent products starting development cycle from the late 2006, is an integrated PC optimization program allowing you repair problems effectively and completely, clean up drive space, manage backups both Registry and system settings, optimize system and other advanced toolkits like eliminating privacy tracks, administering startup applications, uninstalling unwanted applications and permanently erasing files. What's more, the Submit Problems feature gives you the ability to submit the problems that Advanced PC Tweaker can't solve or the unwanted applications that can't be completely uninstalled from your PC.